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Manganese Test Kits

Visual Kits

Range MDL Method Type Kit Cat. No. Refill Cat. No.
0.0 - 2.0 ppm 0.15 ppm Periodate CHEMets K-6502 R-6502
0 - 60 ppm 9 ppm Periodate VACUettes K-6502D R-6502D

Instrumental Kit

Range Method Type Kit Cat. No.
0 - 30.0 ppm Periodate Vacu-vials K-6503

Note: Click on the ‘Kit Cat. No.’ to view the test instructions. Click on the ‘Range’ value for Vacu-vials to view accuracy chart.

CHEMetrics offers test kits employing the well-known Periodate reagent to deliver sensitivity and accuracy within two minutes or less. Based on CHEMetrics patented Self-Filling Reagent Ampoule technology. Premixed. Premeasured. Precise. Each kit contains 30 tests.

The Periodate Method

CHEMetrics' tests employ the periodate chemistry that measures soluble manganese compounds but does not differentiate the various valence states. Results are expressed as ppm (mg/l) Mn.

Permanganate (MnO4) develops approximately 25 % more colour with this reagent than other forms of manganese, causing a high bias. If the sample is known to contain manganese in the form of permanganate only, multiplying test results by 0.8 will improve the accuracy of the results.

APHA Standard Methods, 14th ed., Method 314 C (1975).


Surface and ground waters rarely contain more than 1 mg/l of soluble or suspended manganese. Dark rock deposits of MnO2 can discolour water passing through it. Manganese can act as an oxidising or a reducing agent depending on its valence state. Manganese is also used in the manufacture of batteries and as an alloying metal in the manufacture of steel and aluminium. Drinking water standards for Manganese are primarily set for aesthetic reasons. The National Prescribed Concentration or Value (PCV) for Manganese in drinking water supplies in the UK is 0.05 mg/l (50µg/l), as higher concentrations will impart a foul taste to water and discolour laundry and porcelain surfaces. The Specified Concentration or Value (SCV) for manganese in drinking water in Ireland is the same.

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