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Carbohydrazide Test Kit

Visual Kit

Range MDL Method Type Kit Cat. No. Refill Cat. No.
0 - 0.50 ppm 0.05 ppm PDTS CHEMets K-1805 R-1805

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A recent addition to the CHEMetrics range is a visual colourimetric test kit for the determination of Carbohydrazide in aqueous solutions. This CHEMets test kit is a portable self-contained, single range kit and is based on the patented Self-Filling Reagent Ampoule technology, employing the PDTS Method, delivering sensitivity and accuracy within two minutes or less. Premixed. Premeasured. Precise. Each kit contains 30 tests. Suitable for boiler feedwater testing.

The PDTS Method

Carbohydrazide reduces ferric iron to ferrous iron, which then reacts with the PDTS (3-(2-pyridyl)-5,6-bis(4-phenylsulphonic acid)-1,2,4-triazine disodium salt) to form a peach-pink coloured complex directly proportional to the carbohydrazide concentration. Test results are expressed as ppm (mg/l) carbohydrazide.

G. Frederick Smith Chemical Co., The Iron Reagents, 3rd ed., p. 47 (1980).


Carbohydrazide is an oxygen scavenger often used as a boiler water additive to inhibit corrosion. It reacts with oxygen at low temperatures and pressures, thereby removing dissolved oxygen from solution. The products of the reaction are water and the volatile gases nitrogen and carbon dioxide, which do not contribute dissolved solids to the boiler water. Carbohydrazide also passivates metallic surfaces. Carbohydrazide is a safer alternative to the use of the hazardous and carcinogenic compound hydrazine.

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